Funny Fine Dine- when standup and Fine Dine meet

Are you looking for a yummy, funny, and original way to celebrate?

Do you want a classy event that will be delicious and uplifting?

Specifically for you, we have created an amazing concept based off combining life’s biggest enjoyments: food and laughter

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עם FFD אתם תחוו אירוע ייחודי ובלתי נשכח. במשך שלוש שעות יוגשו שפע מנות גורמה אל השולחן בקצב שלכם.
המנות עונתיות ומותאמות מראש לטעמכם תוך שימוש בחומרי הגלם הטריים ביותר בהתחייבות. במהלך הערב יוגש יין ישראלי מקומי שהתאמנו במיוחד לתפריט ומוזיקה נעימה תנוגן במהלך הארוחה.ואז, בסוף, כשאתם נינוחים ושבעים, מתענגים על המתוקים, תתחיל שעה של סטנדאפ קורע מצחוק ללא צנזורה. אעלה למופע משותף עם סטנדאפיסט\ית אורח\ת ממועדוני הסטנדאפ המובילים בישראל (סטנדאפ בהתאם לאופי האירוע \ מתאים גם לדוברי אנגלית!)

מובטחת חוויה מלאה שסוגרת את כל הפינות של הנאות החיים.
*כל חומרי הגלם,העובדים והשירות יסופק על ידינו. לכם נשאר רק לשבת, לאכול ולצחוק.

Welcome to


With FFD, you will experience an unforgettable night filled with giggles. Throughout the duration of three hours, you will be served many Fine Dine dishes at your desired pace.

The dishes are seasonal and are chosen ahead of time using the freshest ingredients.

Throughout the night, local Israeli wine will be served which will correspond to the menu and music of choice. By the end of the night when you are full from the main course and enjoying the sweet desserts, an hour of stand up comedy will serve as the entertainment.

Additionally, a guest comedian, from one of Israel’s leading standup clubs will be joining me on stage.(context of the show will be according to the type of event / also suitable for English speakers!)

A complete experience is guaranteed that encompasses all the different pleasures in life.
* All materials, employees, and service will be provided by us.
Your job is to sit back, eat, and laugh.

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About Me

Nice to meet you, I am Kobi Balululu, from Tel Aviv ( but originally from Afula). I am a big foodie by day and a standup comedian by night. I graduated from the Cordon Bello school in London. I have been doing standup since the age of 16 and have travelled a lot around the world in the past few years.
Since returning back to Israel, I have worked in gourmet restaurants in Tel Aviv and at the same time performed as a stand-up comedian throughout the country.

It's not easy. Both the Cuisine and comedy worlds are extremely demanding.People told me I had to choose - standup or cooking and I chose. I feel that right now in Israel, this experience of combining gourmet food and some laughter is missing.

I decided to set up FUNNY FINE DINE, an evening of good food, rich, and exciting chef dishes, combined with Israeli comedy including the the top standup comedians and not to forget alcohol.

I would be happy to meet at a location of your convenience as well.

Who is this for?

For any type of family, social or business event
Bachelor or Bachelorette parties
Valentine’s Day
For employees in companies and organizations, holidays and events.
Fun days for work

* You can order mini-appetizers and standup events for an hour and a half, suitable for a holiday work party and a small celebration.


Dear Kobe and of course the staff who worked hard on this evening. I wanted to say heartfelt thanks for a wonderful evening. The food was very tasty! I really liked the dishes and the level of the dishes. I must point out that my wife is very problematic about food and she usually does not eat lots of things, and on this evening she tasted everything and loved it very much. But even with the standup, she is not really a person who laughs at any joke and on this evening she really laughed and there were also tears that came from laughter coming from the heart. In conclusion, this evening was one of the special ones we were in and I have no doubt that we will return for another successful and fun evening like this, thank you!


The food was simply excellent - the event was one of the special ones we were in - the standup was very funny and the people were friendly at the levels, highly recommended!


Lovely people, good atmosphere, very tasty food, highly recommended!

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